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Default Re: A guide to the evolutionist conspiracy - 10-17-2007, 02:21 AM

Originally Posted by Pastor Al E Pistle
You do realize HOW we are using the Internet, yes?
Interesting logic. So it's okay to use Satanist technology so long as you're using it within your own moral boundaries? Why do you bother having a list of people not to trust in the first place then, Satanist?

Originally Posted by Pastor Al E Pistle
Gosh, I wonder if you have enough sense to actually do anything but wonder and suppose? Hmmmmm, don't think so. So that makes YOU a satanist and probably a homer too. Wow! Sucks to be you!
So... because I used the word 'wonder' and 'suppose'... that makes me a Satanist? And then you called me gay? Wow... seriously, wow. I've heard better arguments from six-year-olds.

Oh and for the record, it makes a lot more sense if you post your nonsensical rebuttals OUTSIDE of quote tags. Feel free to PM me for "step-by-step instructions on constructing legible forum replies, for people with the IQ of a watermelon".
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