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Default Re: PROOF God is REAL! - 04-13-2013, 11:13 PM

Originally Posted by Basilissa View Post
And how, do you think, can you PROVE that God DOESN'T exist?
Absence of evidence is evidence of absence. Therefore, there is no evidence to prove, only faith to adopt a position in your part. You may think it's an impossible question. We say Maybe you think you don't care what I can prove; you believe in it, and that's what matters. In actual truth, most people understand why there are a large number of people believing in God. Of course you need to know what God you're believing in first. Life isn't easy, it's difficult, it's scary and lonely. Nobody wants to think were alone or have unanswered questions. Nobody want to think death is the end, and in tough times, it comforts the us humans when we believe something is out there. In most cases, the comfort that faith gives us is worth the risk of being wrong. By like children letting go of their beliefs in fairies, Santa; we all reach a certain maturity level to look at things rationally. We all have to come to grips with the truth - maybe you're not ready to admit it. We can feed and save the hungry instead of praying the supernatural to do it, which they haven't.

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Hey Albert
I was just interested in what field of science you specialised?
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