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Default Re: burn the Devil's Bible! - 03-29-2013, 08:29 AM

Originally Posted by Ex-Viking View Post
The Devil's Bible was written by Satan through a monk in Czechoslovakia, who sold his soul to him. It was taken to Godless Sweden during a war, and has been there ever since. God Himself tried to burn it in 1697, but the Godless Swiss saved it by throwing it out of the window. It is kept at the National Library of Sweden and they protect it as an "amazing" historical object that you cant even touch, let alone burn it. I think that we should burn the Devil's Bible, just think of it, it would be the greatest book burning of all time. The Devil's Bible is the most evil and unholy book in the world and is most likely what Godless Sweden forms their society after. That its an old, unique, mysterious, gigantic and extremely heavy book with alot of mystery and history surrounding it does not change the fact that its a work of Satan. It has to be destroyed once and for all!
If infact this book is 'the work of the devil and must be burned' Why does it have pages that describe how to expel demons via "Conjuration" (to drive out demons before they took hold) Codex Gigas, page 290.."Conjuration cures for dangerous illnesses" preformed by a priest, standing over the sick disciple, makes signs of the cross, dares to address demons by 'name' calling out their latin titles. Bellows stories of Jesus, the angels and Disciples. He orders evil temptation to leave the afflicted servant of God. Praying for the damned to be redeemed. (The above paraphrased from the linked video) Yup, looks like the work of the 'devil' to me. He's a tricky one, telling 'us' how to defeat him. Please people, if you're going to call something 'the work of the devil' at least get your facts straight? I mean you link the video that says through that it seemed to be the work of a Monk trying to atone, but ofcourse it's got the word 'devil' in the title IT MUST BE EVIL! (rolls eyes) for 'Godless Sweden' seems strange for the 'King' at the time to get the Codex, and suddenly convert to Catholicism and head for Rome, yes this is surely the work of the devil. Ofcourse 'legend' says someone tossed it out a window, and we all know how legends are made. Though, there seems to be no 'burning' that the book should have *hrms* very interesting huh? For wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul; discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you, Proverbs 2:10-11
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