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Default Re: Post Examples of Big Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse - 03-20-2013, 02:31 AM

Originally Posted by WilliamJenningsBryan View Post
I had a drink with my buddy Bob recently. I hadn't seen him for some time and I am becoming concerned for his health.
I can see why you're concerned. That vein in his forehead looks like it could burst any minute.

Anyway, he filled me in on some "stimulus" program to send money to the nigra's in Africa to teach them how to wash their tallywhackers. It is enough to raise your blood pressure. I haven't talked to Bob about his religion, but I think one time he told me he was raised cathylick. Bob might make a good Baptist preacher some day, one of the old fire and brimstone kind.

Well so much for my idea of giving them one way tickets to Liberia. Why is the government so busy giving money away if we're having a budget crisis here?

Drama queen
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