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Default Re: Got yourself raped & want an abortion? I PRAY YOU GET SUED!! - 03-05-2013, 05:47 PM

Originally Posted by A Follower View Post
I never figured out why these liberal sluts want to murder their children just because the father might have been a criminal. Killing a child is wrong, no matter what excuse you use. Usually the father hasn't even been convicted when the "mother" goes out to some baby murdering facility to have the innocent child exterminated. I think it's ludicrous to murder a child for what the father may have done. Only God knows what punishment the children and great-great-grandchildren of a criminal deserve, it is not up to us, and certainly not up to women, to decide on that (Numbers 14:18). It is just up to us to treat them as the sinners they are.
How many of them know their own fathers? or grandfathers? or great-grandfathers? or great-great-grandfathers?

Are they sure they're not a product of "rape"? According to Andrea Dworkin (one of the leading femnazi's) "All heterosexual intercourse is rape". So I guess that's why the femnazi's are always going on about getting pregnant from rape. Although getting pregnant from legitimate rape is practically impossible, according to their definition all pregnancies (unless created with a turkey baster) is a product of rape.

It's enough to make your head spin.

Drama queen
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