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Default Re: Reusable Shopping Bags: Environmentally Responsible, or Sinful Idolatry? - 03-05-2013, 08:11 AM

Originally Posted by Paragon of virtue View Post
I would also point out that getting bags that will last over and over again puts you in league with Satan himself.

Isaiah 14:14

By choosing bags that can be used indefinitely, you are in fact making the claim that you are immortal, and that is a claim that God alone can make.

Psalm 144:4

I Corinthians 15:22

No, my friends, we should not mock God by investing our treasure in things that will last us 'forever' because we don't have 'forever'. When we use disposable plastic and paper bags we are showing the Lord that we understand that we are finite beings that are not long for this world.
I have no problem with using plastic bags. I DO have a problem with stores charging for them and the fact that they're so thin that they fall apart before you can get across the parking lot without your groceries ending up all over the ground.

Is there a way to get the stores to go back to using "Good" plastic bags? Or should we use garbage bags?

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