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Default Re: Reusable Shopping Bags: Environmentally Responsible, or Sinful Idolatry? - 03-05-2013, 03:31 AM

Originally Posted by august View Post
Now I'm completely confused. I used them but I admit I don't wash them. Maybe I'll start washing them now. But then I could use plastic ones to line trash cans instead of buying separate trash can liners.
Most of the so called "green movement" is just busy work for you while the powers that be do whatever it is they do.

Yes, I too used to use the plastic bags as trash liners, but as I said, now they can't make it to the car with your groceries without falling apart. So, like you, I have to buy separate trash liners.

I would use plastic bags if they were available. Ask for paper and they just stare at you like your speaking a foreign language. So I sewed up some good canvas bags for myself.

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