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Default Re: How much do you guys think I could sell my daughter for? - 03-04-2013, 11:52 PM

Originally Posted by teddybear View Post
Oh wow, this is such a mature, inteligent discussion. Someone disagrees with you, so you drop F bombs and cuss her out, lol.
If you're talking to me, it deserves to be treated much worse than what I can do over the internet. First of all it needs a good beating to smarten it up, then it's parents need a beating for raising such a thing.

But considering its from South America, I'm sure they're too busy with the cocaine trade to bother with their mistake of a child.

Originally Posted by Didymus Much View Post
You mean the picture of a FAKE BODY that Mitza lifted from this page:

It's a special effects company.
Not surprised. But hey, justbeatme KNOWS that we murdered that girl. Of course it doesn't have the proof to go do something about it, but it KNOWS EVERYTHING!

Maybe you should do some research before you go accusing people of murder making yourself look stupid.

Why should I care what the most influential book in human history says? Seriously??
Ah, so that's why you're here. I've often wondered. I guess you can't find many within the atheist crowd who you can actually speak about the Bible to. Most I've met sound like this idiot. Pissed off at God because Jesus didn't give them a pony when they were 6.

Just to let you know, I still pray for you every day. And I know you usually quip back at me when I'm being nice, but please don't today, I really can't deal. If more atheists were like you, I could actually learn to tolerate them. At least you've thought things through, still not sure why you made the decision you made, but maybe you're just one of those born to go to Hell.

I don't care how you attempt to justify your sexism, it's still sexism.

I'm not twisting anything. You want women treated differently than men, and that's just as sexist BY DEFINITION as these people are.
It's the liebral way, all people are equal, but women and gays are more equal.

How effective has been calling everyone who disagrees with you "dumb" and "stupid"? Has it helped you reach out and connect to people?
Oh yeah, it's "connected" with my family in a very strong way. I'm just glad that Seth is on the road again until Friday.

Without the Bible, how do you know that God and Jesus are real at all? If Jesus actually existed, wouldn't there be some kind of external evidence, like maybe a mention in the records of the Romans who occupied the Middle East at the time?
Because like all the other liebral scum, it has made a god in its own image.

Just curious: have you ever read Animal Farm by George Orwell?
I'm not sure it's read "Go Dog Go" yet.

Drama queen
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