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Default Re: Harvard study - average IQ by religion - 03-01-2013, 09:58 PM

Originally Posted by Novatian View Post
Compare the average Jewish IQ with the average Israeli IQ. 115 and 98.

Perhaps sensible people prefer to trust their senses over testimonies.

My IQ is 119.
Are we back to playing internet IQ again

Wow, so that means my internet IQ is now 300

Great game. I started at 100 when I joined this board and add 10 points every time someone wants to compare IQ's.

BTW, I've had my IQ officially tested on 3 different occasions, I had a 40 point variable which basically came down to (IMO) how I was feeling that day. But according to the IQ people, that's impossible as there can only be a +/- 10 point spread.

How about working on your BQ (Bible Quotient) instead?

Drama queen
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