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Default Re: Post Examples of Big Government Waste, Fraud and Abuse - 02-28-2013, 10:16 PM

Originally Posted by Paragon of virtue View Post
Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winner of Nine Pulitzer Prizes

City Offers Free Smoke Detectors

SEATTLE - Residents of the city's southeast and central areas can have free smoke detectors installed during the next two months under a program launched by the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center and the Seattle Firefighters Benevolent Association.
Information about the program is available from city fire stations, police block-watch officers, Weed and Seed Program officers, and social-service agencies. Next, residents can call 206-521-1528 for installation.
Off-duty firefighters will install the detectors on Saturday afternoons this month and next.

Well, looks like the liberals over at 'Big Firefighting' are up to their old monkeyshines giving out "free" smoke detectors to those who are too lazy to get a job and and buy their own. Number 1 if a person can't afford a smoke detector they are probably some coked-up meth head living in a cardboard box or a Messican and who cares if a cardboard box burns down. These salaray stealing programs are found all over the United States, but I found this one from Seattle most disturbing, because we all know that area is cursed with permanent torrential rainfall as God continues to wash away all the remnants of that devilish grunge movement from the early 90s making fire starting of any kind completely impossible. The giveaways don't stop there either. Did you know that in some states you can get a free car seat for your toddler? Obama at his absolute wasteful worst! ...and what is this weed and seed program about--probably homer potheads and that's something I don't want my tax dollars going to!
Firefighters to install them? I'm a woman and even I can install a smoke detector.

Interesting that they're giving them out for free to to the pot growers though.

Drama queen
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