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Default Re: Wash O'Hanley addressing concerns regarding pee-wee football - 09-27-2007, 11:52 PM

What you see in this thread is just the tip of the iceburg. Just one of the many related debates:

2007-09-27 00:37:13) MBurmy:Hello, Pastor!
(2007-09-27 00:37:49) MBurmy:
I am the head coach of the St. Thomas Aquinas football team, the Knights...
(2007-09-27 00:38:35) MBurmy:
And a very good friend of Fr. Thomas Martin
(2007-09-27 00:39:30) MBurmy:
(2007-09-27 08:54:44) pastrbillyreuben: Hi, what can I do for you?
(2007-09-27 17:40:56) MBurmy:I said, I am the head coach of Fr. Thomas Martin's parish football team...
(2007-09-27 17:40:56) pastrbillyreuben <AUTO-REPLY> : I am currently not available. Please leave your message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
(2007-09-27 18:33:26) pastrbillyreuben: what can I do for you?
(2007-09-27 18:34:17) MBurmy:Why yes, my pastor, Fr. Thomas Martin, challenged the Aquinas Knights to a football game against the Landover Sultan Strom Thurmonds...
(2007-09-27 18:34:34) MBurmy:And I seconded the challenge...
(2007-09-27 18:36:01) pastrbillyreuben: I saw that on the forum, but who they play is up to Wash.
(2007-09-27 18:36:41) MBurmy:I've spearheaded an investigation that Wash is abusing his players...
(2007-09-27 18:36:58) MBurmy:It's being reviewed by the Online Parochial Conference...
(2007-09-27 18:37:18) pastrbillyreuben: I knew Wash was being persecuted. Thanks for letting me know who was behind it.
(2007-09-27 18:38:16) pastrbillyreuben: What is your name, coach?
(2007-09-27 18:38:16) MBurmy:If Wash is found guilty, then he will be fired, and the program placed on probation for five years (banned from the postseason for the first year, and no scholarships for the next two, and only one for the two after that)
(2007-09-27 18:38:43) pastrbillyreuben: We're well aware of what Wash's enemies are trying to do to him.
(2007-09-27 18:38:43) MBurmy:Michael Burmeister, I am not a user on the boards, but I remain a good friend and supporter of Fr. Martin
(2007-09-27 18:39:26) MBurmy:Enemies? THERE ARE RULES HERE! Landover's team is not above the athletic laws...I suppose you videotape the opponents too?
(2007-09-27 18:39:39) pastrbillyreuben: Why do you hate the Lord so much that you would try to bring down a man of God like Wash?
(2007-09-27 18:40:00) pastrbillyreuben: Shame on you!
(2007-09-27 18:40:14) MBurmy:Man of God? GOD HATES CHILD ABUSE!
(2007-09-27 18:40:27) pastrbillyreuben: That's rich, coming from a Catholic.
(2007-09-27 18:41:17) MBurmy:96% of our nation's priests DO NOT abuse children...John Paul II had said, and Benedict XVI echoed, "There is no place in the clergy for anyone who would abuse the young"
(2007-09-27 18:41:49) MBurmy:How does 4% somehow equal 100%?
(2007-09-27 18:41:52) MBurmy:Huh?
(2007-09-27 18:41:54) pastrbillyreuben: except for neighboring, unsuspecting and unwarned diocese
(2007-09-27 18:42:23) pastrbillyreuben: 4% have been caught.
(2007-09-27 18:42:56) pastrbillyreuben: the true figure is much higher
(2007-09-27 18:43:17) MBurmy:Okay, what suits you; Pot luck dinners or the Eucharist?
(2007-09-27 18:44:29) MBurmy:Jesus said "I am the bread of life...He who eats this bread shall live forever, and I will raise him up on the last day...For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink"
(2007-09-27 18:45:28) MBurmy:"The bread that I will give is My flesh for the life of the world...Unless you eat of the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life within you."
(2007-09-27 18:46:44) pastrbillyreuben: no, He said, "This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me." and "This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you."
(2007-09-27 18:46:52) MBurmy:At the Last Supper "This is My body which is for you...This is My blood of the new covenant poured out for all for the forgiveness of sins...Do this in memory of Me."
(2007-09-27 18:47:18) MBurmy:So if he said "This is My body," why do you deny the Real Presence?
(2007-09-27 18:47:31) pastrbillyreuben: we eat the bread and drink the wine in remembrance. We aren't eating rotting flesh or drinking blood.
(2007-09-27 18:47:42) pastrbillyreuben: Oh, His presence is there alright.
(2007-09-27 18:48:02) MBurmy:Oh, so you take every other line literally, but this metaphorically?
(2007-09-27 18:48:56) MBurmy:The host is Jesus (body, blood, soul, and divinity), and the contents of the chalice are Jesus (body, blood, soul, and divinity).
(2007-09-27 18:49:50) pastrbillyreuben: I take it all literally. Jesus literally said to do this in remembrance of Him. He never said, and your fake "priest" will say cast some kind of witch spell and turn bread into real rotting flesh.
(2007-09-27 18:50:26) pastrbillyreuben: that's just disgusting, and unbiblical.
(2007-09-27 18:50:43) MBurmy:Read John 6, and when he says "He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood shall have everlasting life," is that literal or metaphorical?
(2007-09-27 18:52:25) pastrbillyreuben: Why don't you read read Genesis 9:4, Leviticus 17:11-12, and Acts 15:29, and tell me whether the prohibitions on drinking blood are literal or metaphorical.
(2007-09-27 18:52:56) pastrbillyreuben: John 6 is a parable.
(2007-09-27 18:53:20) MBurmy:Okay, if it was a parable, why didn't he tell it in parable form?
(2007-09-27 18:53:42) MBurmy:Does this sound like the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son, or the Thrifty Steward to you?
(2007-09-27 18:56:21) pastrbillyreuben: Meat in this case means spiritual food. It is still taken literally.
(2007-09-27 18:56:32) pastrbillyreuben: That's the dictionary definition.
(2007-09-27 18:56:43) pastrbillyreuben:,meat
(2007-09-27 18:57:08) pastrbillyreuben: It doesn't mean we all become a bunch of heathen cannibal savages
(2007-09-27 18:57:15) pastrbillyreuben: like you folks
(2007-09-27 18:57:42) pastrbillyreuben: 3. In Scripture, spiritual food; that which sustains and nourishes spiritual life or holiness.

My flesh is meat indeed. John.6.

(2007-09-27 18:58:11) MBurmy:That's not a Catholic dictionary...This is the only citation he can find in the Bible for that meanind...
(2007-09-27 18:58:16) MBurmy:*meaning'
(2007-09-27 18:58:27) pastrbillyreuben: no, it's the Webster's dictionary
(2007-09-27 18:58:39) MBurmy:Was Webster a Catholic or not?
(2007-09-27 1851) pastrbillyreuben: Why do you need a special "Catholic" dictionary? I thought the fact that your Bible is translated from the corrupted vulgate should be plenty enough to twist scripture to your liking.
(2007-09-27 19:00:21) pastrbillyreuben: you need to redefine words too?
(2007-09-27 19:00:48) MBurmy:Well, according to you, once somebody is born-again, he can be an unrepentant mass-muderer and still go to heaven...
(2007-09-27 19:01:34) pastrbillyreuben: the man isn't saved according to his own works. He is saved by God's sovereign grace.
(2007-09-27 19:02:05) pastrbillyreuben: do you think good works are required for salvation? our righteousness is but filthy rags to God.
(2007-09-27 19:02:31) pastrbillyreuben: That's not "according to me". That's according to the Bible.
(2007-09-27 19:02:48) MBurmy:Did I ever show you the case of the sinning minister?
(2007-09-27 19:03:09) pastrbillyreuben: it might not seem "fair" to the unsaved mind, but that's the way True justice -- God's justice -- works.
(2007-09-27 19:03:19) pastrbillyreuben: when would you have shown it to me?
(2007-09-27 19:03:29) MBurmy: Let's say your minister became a "born-again Christian" at the age of 15. Now he is 75. In the intervening 60 years the man has lived an exemplary life. So far as he or anyone else knows, he never has committed a single serious sin.
(2007-09-27 19:03:42) MBurmy:But then, at age 75, comes a change
(2007-09-27 19:03:50) MBurmy:During one horrible day, he robs a bank, deliberately runs over a cat with his car, commits adultery, blasphemes loudly in public, murders a neighbor, and then commits suicide, dying unrepentant.
(2007-09-27 19:04:02) MBurmy:Does your minister go to heaven or hell?
(2007-09-27 19:04:05) pastrbillyreuben: Your butt-buddy Thomas Martin asked me that exact same question.
(2007-09-27 19:04:25) MBurmy:That's where I learned it from, and he is not my "butt-buddy"
(2007-09-27 19:04:43) pastrbillyreuben: I told him that it depends on whether he was really saved at 15, and didn't undergo a false conversion.
(2007-09-27 19:04:50) pastrbillyreuben: If he was really saved, then Heaven.
(2007-09-27 19:04:55) pastrbillyreuben: Once saved, always saved.
(2007-09-27 19:05:14) MBurmy:Define "false conversion"
(2007-09-27 19:06:04) pastrbillyreuben: I posted a mini-sermon on the topic of Perseverance of the Saints just yesterday:
(2007-09-27 19:06:43) MBurmy:I don't believe in predestination.
(2007-09-27 19:06:49) pastrbillyreuben: Me neither
(2007-09-27 19:07:02) MBurmy:Yes you do...
(2007-09-27 19:07:20) MBurmy:You say God picks and chooses ahead of time (from the beginning) who is and who isn't saved, and He will cause people to believe lies, just so He can damn them to Hell.
(2007-09-27 19:07:30) MBurmy:That is predestination.
(2007-09-27 19:07:58) MBurmy:I believe, if a person goes to Hell, it's because (s)he refused God's grace in life.
(2007-09-27 19:08:54) pastrbillyreuben: God knows ahead of time who will accept salvation, and who will spit his gift back into His face. He chooses the first group -- they are his elect. He doesn't reveal Himself to the others. But the choice still belongs to each of us.
(2007-09-27 19:09:11) MBurmy:Believe me, God made us because He wants us to show His goodness on earth, and when we die, be happy with Him forever in Heaven.
(2007-09-27 19:09:37) MBurmy:And why does your church look like a sports arena?
(2007-09-27 19:10:33) pastrbillyreuben: Humans are all totally depraved. We are naturally incapable of saving ourselves. It requires God to intervene in our lives so that anyone can become saved. God knows who will accept His gift, and he doesn't intervene in the lives of the others.
(2007-09-27 19:10:38) pastrbillyreuben: I don't live in Freehold.
(2007-09-27 19:10:52) MBurmy:Freehold?
(2007-09-27 19:11:34) pastrbillyreuben: Freehold Iowa, home of the main Landover Baptist Church. It has to be built like an arena to accommodate the whole congregation.
(2007-09-27 19:12:10) pastrbillyreuben: I forget how many people it is, but I know it's in the tens of thousands every Sunday.
(2007-09-27 19:13:31) MBurmy:Since I logged in, do I get to be in Welcome to Jesusland II?
(2007-09-27 19:14:30) pastrbillyreuben: Unsaved folks aren't welcome in church, as Jesus commanded.
(2007-09-27 19:16:13) pastrbillyreuben: I didn't get to answer your earlier question about false conversions. I'll assume you are familiar with the parable of the sower. The "thorny ground" listeners are the false conversions.
(2007-09-27 19:18:10) MBurmy:If I lived in Freehold, I'd buy the "church" building, and turn it into a basketball, hockey, and arena football venue!
(2007-09-27 19:18:23) MBurmy:How much for the arena church?
(2007-09-27 19:18:48) pastrbillyreuben: It's not mine to sell
(2007-09-27 19:19:22) MBurmy:Well, buh-bye, may almighty God bless you, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
(2007-09-27 19:19:26) pastrbillyreuben: I would think you'd want to do that to any place where the true Word of God is preached.
(2007-09-27 19:19:38) pastrbillyreuben: I'll pray for you.
(2007-09-27 19:20:01) MBurmy:No, the reply is "Amen"
(2007-09-27 19:20:47) MBurmy:Anyway...Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
(2007-09-27 19:21:03) pastrbillyreuben: I intend to.
(2007-09-27 19:21:11) MBurmy:The reply is "Thanks be to God."
(2007-09-27 19:21:42) pastrbillyreuben: I'm sorry, but I don't know all your false Catholic prayers and audience responses.

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