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Default Re: Jesus Wore Pants, Not a Dress! - 01-29-2013, 08:17 AM

Originally Posted by SickSadWorld View Post
No, no, no, no! Jesus did not wear pants! There is so much wrong with this statement, I cannot even begin to fathom it.

I'll get the non-religious stuff that you guys hate reading over with first: From what I've learned in my Fashion Marketing class, pants themselves were not around until the late 1500's. Even with that, they didn't become a staple until the 1800's. Basically before that time, only certain people would have been seen in pants (mainly sailors and entertainers)

Dating back to the time of Jesus, pants would not even have been a thought in the mind of the humble son of God- and even if some variation of them did exist at the time, only the elite would have owned them. I will certainly NOT be convinced that Jesus was an elite.

Also in that time period, the "dress-like" robe would not have been considered feminine. It was logical for the climate- hot, desert temperatures. A light-weight, boundless linen is only suitable.

PLUS Matthew 8:20 < The guy did not even have a place to live. He would not have owned pants in this time period- it is too historically inaccurate!

All in all, the pastor in the video is young, naive and uneducated (I'd assume, anyway). They were not called "skirts" or "dresses" back then.

(This is me taking religion AND history into account. Do not attack me please.)
Pastor Anderson is one of the Holiest men outside of Landover. The people of Tampa are BLESSED to have such a man there.

I'm supposed to take the word of some school child over that of the word of God? What exactly do you think "breeches" are?

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