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Default Re: The MOST Anti-Christian Songs EVER! - 02-13-2012, 02:27 AM

Originally Posted by VictoryOS View Post
Please remove this filth at once. Do we go to your website of queer homosexual pornography and post Bible verses? A little respect would be nice from you, our guest.
Perhaps you missed the title of this thread? I'm sharing my opinion of a terrible song, just as everyone else has. I don't agree with it, nor do I support it.
My website of queer, homosexual pornography? Can you please tell me what website this is? If I had a website like that, which I wouldn't, because it is wrong, I would welcome everyone here to come in and post Bible verses.
I've given respect, just as I always do. The only reason you're ruffled up about this, is that I'm a new member.
My song, was no more disgusting than the other trash posted in this thread.
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