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Default Re: Informative World Map - 11-11-2008, 09:58 PM

Theocracy is merely the inevitable result of a theonomic viewpoint which is what God commands us to follow.

Theonomy means literally, “God’s law,” or the belief that the moral laws of the Old Testament are still binding today. This idea states that only Old Testament laws specifically fulfilled in the New Testament are non-binding (such as sacrificial laws, ceremonial laws and dietary laws). The moral Law of God is still the ethical standard for governing individuals and society.

We are not talking about salvation, but merely government of individuals in society. Salvation cannot come through the Law, but only by grace through faith. A Christian is not under the Law as a means of obtaining salvation; nor are we under the curse of the Law since we were justified by faith. Yet when modern evangelicals claim, “I’m not under the Law,” what they often mean is that they are not in favor of it or they are not keeping it. Such a view is called: antinomianism (anti-Law) — a heresy.

The system of government resulting from theonomy is called a theocracy: literally, “God’s government.” When we speak of a theocracy, it should be clear that we are not talking about a state run by a national church, or an ecclessiocracy, such as the Holy Roman Empire, or the totalitarian military dictatorships in Muslim fundamentalist states. In a true theocracy, the state does not control the church, nor the church the state, but both spheres of society are under the government of God. There is implied a decentralization of power or a “Christian Republican” form of government.

If you do not come to realize the reality of this you are doomed to hell and we will not be able to help you. God always prevails.

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Theocracy will never be the voice of the USA

Sara Palin in 2016!
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