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Originally Posted by Brother Avatar View Post
I can't untangle this sentence. Can you repost it in American? I don't speak sweedish.
I'm not from Sweden, nor from an english speaking country
And i wouln't mock you if you came to my country and you couldn't say a word.
And what i want to say is that in occasions like this one here,when someone is trying to give facts and you can't counterattack them then you tell your own bullshit and you think that you just did counterattack the facts!
He posted about how safe is sweden, it's good it's education etc.
And what did you posted???
About something that happened outside of sweden, in a completely different country that had nothing to do with the facts posted here!
And he didn't said that sweden is the safest country of all, that nothing evil is ever done, but is one of a safest countries to live.Big difference. And if you don't understand this, let me clarify for you:
BIG difference.
Still don't get it?

What the facts tell us is that while you expect Sweden to be one of the worst countries of all due to having a lot of metal bands etc, it's actually a normal country.

And if you didn't understand it,all this time we don't discuss Sweden, but your claims that "Music kills"
HUGE difference
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