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And just looking at the facts your theory of "OMG music is the act of devil and KIIIIILS" is destroyed.

Sweden is the 3rd country at producing music(mainly pop, rock and metal) and having a population of only ~10 millions.They teach their children music theory and playing music instruments through all the stages of education and not just christian, but all kinds. There are many rock bands, a few black metal, and countless death metal bands.

One like you would expect that in this country there are all kinds of evil acts and devil worshipers. But in reallity it's one of the safest countries to live, has probably the best and most efficient health care system in Europe, high standards of education(swedish are one of the most educated people in europe, and yet they spend little to no time self-studying at home),and the average wage is well beyond Europes average. Their only problem was the high suicide rate but that was a few years back and has now significantly dropped.

And we are talking for a country that half of it's people and probably even more listen or playing rock and metal!!!
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