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You want someone to judge the Bible after he has thoroughly read it, and yet you judge a band from not a song but a part of lyrics!!!! HOW STUPID ARE YOU!!!!IS THERE ANYTHING INSIDE YOUR HEAD!!!! You can't judge a song only by its lyrics or by a portion of them. All the albums that PoS wrote are concept i.e. they have a main story or the lyrics are based on an idea. That's why you have to LISTEN to their piffleing album before you say something so stupid. Some songs of them have lyrics that are ironic but you can't unterstand it if you don't listen to all the songs in the album!

I think you are so stupid that you can't decide if a man you see in the road is black or white!

Oh, and i see you know pretty well the band Pain of Salvation.
Mods!!!!I think we have someone who claims to be a True Christian but he listens to these acts of the Devil!!!

BAN HIM NOW!!!!!!!
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