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Originally Posted by Brother_Percy View Post
From the evidence presented here, it looks more like 'My Chemical Romance' are more in league with the Al Qaeda - as both turn their young 'fans' into suicidal nutbags!

The Al Qaeda turns children into suicide bombers, My Chemical Romance turns children into suicide losers!
Don't blame My Chemical Romance (although I do agree their music sucks) blame Christians who try to teach their children that there is an afterlife which consists of either eternal paradise or eternal suffering. If it weren't for people believing this bullshit then we'd have less suicides. Although now that I think about it, these suicides help rid the world of ignorant "emo" Christians.

I'd have to say that "emo" is the perfect clique for Christian children. What better way for them to go to heaven than to deny themselves happiness and bring pain upon their bodies. If it wasn't for the suicide they'd surely have a one way ticket to your so called Heaven.
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