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Default Re: 10 Reasons why GOD HATES IRELAND! - 01-13-2014, 04:42 AM

You guys need to first read the god delusion by Richard Dawkins and then just maybe, when you've realised your wasting your lives trying to live in the likeness of a fraud, you can start to realise how *** potty language *** up you really are, Ireland has a much better education system and quality of life. I have lots of American friends who come and visit me here in Ireland and im so glad that they are my first impression of America, if I met psychopaths like you bible bashers I would paint you all with one brush , no time for this *** potty language *** I set up my account just to put my opinion down. Some of the things I've read on this site blow my mind,most of what I have read is considered criminal activity.

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