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Default Re: 11 Reasons why GOD HATES DENMARK! - 12-28-2013, 05:15 PM

Originally Posted by Chester Longshire View Post
I don't know why you feel the need to mention Lance Armstrong, he's been persecuted enough by the communist-european medias, everyone knows he was framed by jealous cheese eating surrender monkeys.

Regarding our True ChristianityŠ, I invite you, dear, to open a bible and find out if and when we err, and when you discover the obvious fact that we are 100% correct about every single word in the bible, then I invite you to become a True ChristianŠ yourself.
My dear, I did read it, more then once. I also read the old and the new testament. What I do not read however is communist-european medias.. And that might be the reason why i feel the need to mention Armstrong. I am however surprised, that you did not point out that god already punished him, taking away his balls and all.. I do really like how you are 100% correct. Its quite an accomplishment! I will pass on your invitation though.. i prefer grouping with people who know for sure that they are NOT 100% sure of anything. Especially taken in to consideration how hateful you come of.
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