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Default Re: 11 Reasons why GOD HATES DENMARK! - 12-28-2013, 04:50 PM

I was wondering if this is a serious thread? It seems like an advanced form of group trolling. Badmutha, you and I obviously live in Denmark, therfore we know our country and its history. Could you even begin to imagine what would happen, if danish television showed the kind of program, that they are now accused of? I thought they might like to know, that a forum like this have been containing posts accusing them of such a terrible thing, and I was right. Seems that you cant just write anything you like. At least they are taking it up in their legal department, seing as their logo and everything was displayed. I also laughed quite alot at the thought of Michael Rasmussen ever being our primeminister BTW- Armstrong for the win when it comes to decieving in regards to bicyckling Guess Rasmussen lost his crown. And when it comes to the word Viking.. it means viking. Rape would be voldtægt, wich means to take something by force and violence. We condem this action as one of the worst things that you can do, and we luckily do not have a lot af rapes here. One more thing.. we do not have legal cannabis in Denmark, but they are talking about legalising it, using the American model. But I guess that would be a better thing to import from the USA, then all the bad food og terrible overweight. Systembolaget does not exist in Denmark. And yes that is the finish flag.. now we are way more then one pointing out that obvious flaw. Badmutha, I think it is as lost a cause for us to enlighten them, as it would be for them to open our eyes to their "christianity".
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