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TekcubEht is a sorcerer and idolater who follows false gods and will rot in Hell.TekcubEht is a sorcerer and idolater who follows false gods and will rot in Hell.
Default Re: God Hates Asexuals - 12-28-2013, 01:21 AM

Originally Posted by James Hutchins View Post
While we tire of blowhards such as you, we tolerate you in the hopes you see the Truth about God.

God is far from a control freak. No person is forced to do as He says. As a True Christian™, a person is fully aware that they have a choice, many choices in fact. An atheist on the other hand, has much fewer choices. Sad really, to be narrow minded, living in a closed off environment.
The only thing I have seen is the truth about the Bible, starting with the day I began reading from it and scratching my head while reading most parts of Genesis. But this forum sure fleshes out all that is creepy in the Bible. No wonder that the Bible has produced so many atheists...

You are forced to follow God, in that: if you do not do as he says, you will go to hell. To whom does Hell belong? To God himself and that's where all who just simply cannot feel the will to believe in the Bible would go!

It's similar to a case in which a stronger guy than you (who has killed your family) is pushing you near a pit and telling you "You either side with me, or I will throw you into this pit, or you can jump into the pit yourself. And once you side with me, you will be massaging my feet daily and cooking my food and doing all my housework with no time for yourself or others, for the rest of your days."
If you'd not accept to bow to that person, due to him killing your family, then you'd jump in the pit just to show that you do not agree with him killing your family. You would do that because that was what you felt you had to do, even though you lose all you have left.
If you'd accept to become a slave for the one who had killed your family, it means you have felt that was what you had to do out of fear, even though you did care about your family.
I see neither choice as right or wrong in this case though. It all comes down to what the person feels is the right choice for himself/herself only.

This only works if the Bible is 100% true and God really is this way. This does not include the possibility that God has never communicated with humans, or that he did but his words have been altered to fit certain people's needs.

An atheist doesn't just doubt the Bible. An atheist doubts the existence of a Creator altogether. All I doubt is the veracity of the Bible.

That will be all.
/signing off, so that thou shalt no longer tolerate me or my trolling.
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