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TekcubEht is a sorcerer and idolater who follows false gods and will rot in Hell.TekcubEht is a sorcerer and idolater who follows false gods and will rot in Hell.
Default Re: God Hates Asexuals - 12-27-2013, 09:46 PM

@Mary Etheldreda
I do not like being treated like a princess. Not like a real one and not like a fairy tale one.

God dictates how everything should be done, but no one will call him a control-freak, because they fear him. But people will always be able to dictate to the weaker, because those cannot fight back. I'm not someone who dictates how stuff should be done, but to think about how it could have been done.

What I lack is trust in humans. If I cannot trust humans, I cannot trust a human-made object that claims to be the word of the Creator. I am not the only one who doesn't trust people though.

Originally Posted by Mark L. Snyde, PhD View Post
If you cannot grasp that God tells us His Word is His Word in His Word, then I can't really help you. You are simply implacable. You are in fact mentioned thrice in this verse as those condemned to hell:

You expect God to put on a magic show for you? Where would there be any faith required to believe that?
Faith isn't always correct. I can have faith in humanity and then lose it when I see how many atrocities are happening because of humans.

Anyway, I hope that there is more to Heaven for you people than just to sit and praise all day. Sounds like a boring existence. Good luck to you all.

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