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Default No deathbed conversion for Hitchens Grow up! - 12-26-2013, 08:30 AM

I am very disappointed in the attitude displayed by many contributors to this site. Though I did not share Hitchen's views, I cannot celebrate the death of an individual of this quality and neither will our Saviour. The unfortunate fact is this. Carol Blue was with Hitchens during his confinement, including the day of his death. She stated categorically that, "the subject of God never came up". Nobody else was there at that time. Here is the lesson.
Only those weak in their faith need to invent or believe barefaced lies simply to make themselves feel better. Only those without true Christian principles would be concerned by Hitchen's atheist pronouncements. Only those who fail to understand God's message would celebrate his death. We all have to grow spiritually and this website demonstrates clearly that some of us have to grow a great deal more than others. Bless you all.
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