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Default Re: Autism - the New Gay - 10-15-2013, 03:30 AM

Originally Posted by Billy Bob Jenkins View Post
God probably uses porn to screen out perverts, so they can masturbate themselves all the way to eternal damnation.

I imagine you are well on your way.
To find it hard to understand how people who are supposedly saved could be so bitter. It really is a conundrum to me

While I found the fasting to argue with many people that have arguments tonight this is really getting boring to me

I truly hope you all find spiritual piece that you appeared to be looking for but haven't found yet. When you stop relying on a book to tell you right and wrong and listen to your heart you truly be happy. I hope the anger in your heart is replaced with love the rejection in your heart is replaced with acceptance because that is when you know the true word of God

You don't have to follow me only you can set you free

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