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Default Re: Why Do Atheists Believe Everything Came From Monkeys? - 09-24-2013, 03:09 AM

Originally Posted by karosyrup713 View Post
Atheists don't believe that everything came from monkeys.
Typical pinko flip flopping. Now that you done seen all the scriptural evidences agin your evilutionist psychobabble, you're trying to walk it back. And tripping over your tail. "I never said we done come from monkeys!" Blah blah blah. Pathetic.

Too late boy, we all here done seen what you writ.

Originally Posted by karosyrup713 View Post
There is nothing atheists have in common except for the lack in belief of a supernatural being
Bull bunions. Y'all are also all pinko fags. Moreover, your master Satan is a supernatural being; don't even try to tell me you don't believe on him.

Originally Posted by karosyrup713 View Post
If you are referring to the theory of evolution, the theory does not state that 'everything came from monkeys', or even that humans came from monkeys. Rather, it states that humans and monkeys have a common ancestor.
Blah blah blah. What a pretentious pinko demon you are. OK smarty pants, if humans and monkeys had a common ancestor, what was his name?

Cricket chirp... Cricket chirp... Cricket chirp....

Originally Posted by karosyrup713 View Post
Indeed, it states that all life has a common ancestor. Data that supports this, for example, is the fact that humans share 98% of their DNA with bonobos and 55% with banana trees.
Now I've heard it all. Humans is 55% banana? You are just the dumbest atheist I ever done come across. What's the matter son, you got monkey shit for brains? Even Darwin hisself would roll his accursed eyes at that gibberish. Banannerz? Damn son, Darwin sure done made a monkey out of you.

How the handkerchief can you share yer DNA anyway? Whatchya gonna do, cut a chunk of goo out of your leg and shove it up a bonobo's ass?

Don't come down to Blaine talking that crap son; some of us still believe in the right to bear arms.
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