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Default Re: Recommended True Christian™ Music - 08-02-2013, 07:50 AM

From time to time, in order to better understand contemporary culture, I have turned on the radio. However, I always find it to be such a cavalcade of cacophonous nightmares that I quickly switch it off. I'm afraid that my oral sensitivities are not prepared for modern day rhythms, and beats. And I fear discovering what happens when the bass is finally dropped. But that all being said. I am absolutely intrigued by some of the evocative titles with which many bands style themselves. "The Grateful Dead." "Fine Young Cannibals." "Nine Inch Nails." Absolutely macabre and fascinating. Although, there is one group that so utterly feels me with dred, I barely dare to speak it aloud. Everytime I hear, I am filled with cadaverous rot, festering garbage, scintillating carapaces skittering about a lurker sinking beneath a half-sunken log. I am of course referring to. "The Beatles." Oh, I do not have the moral fortitude to play their songs through my phonograph.
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